Bloodletting (Tatbir) (4)

Tatbir is allowed on Arbaeen, Fatimiyah and other sorrowful occasions. Although it is better to keep Tatbir a ritual for Ashura alone.

The method is to simply dress in white while striking your head out of grief for Imam Hussein (as) or other sorrowful occasions

The harms that are haram in Islam are the harms that do three things: 1- Kill the human being instantly 2- Stop a body limb from working 3- Stop a human power (such as producing children) This is according to the Fiqh of Imam al Sadiq (a.s). Any other harm is not considered Haram, such as fast-food, smoking, speeding in your vehicle, etc.

As for the ritual of Tatbir (Qama Zani) it is Halal and Mustahab.

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