Hijaab (2)

As for the standard and criteria for Hijaab according to the Teachings of Islam, the Hijaab for a Muslim is: To cover her hair and body such that even the shape of her body is not apparent on the outside of the Hijaab to the onlooker. This is provided that there is no kind of attraction associated with the Hijaab, for example the Hijaab clothing is not colourful such that it would attract the attention of others, the woman may not wear makeup or perfume, etc. In the case of the covering of the hands and the face, there is a difference of opinion between the Maraje’. Some of the Maraje’ consider it mandatory to cover the hands and the face. According to Imam Shirazi’s Fatwa, a woman may her hands and face uncovered provided she is not wearing makeup, or that she would not be in a situation where a man would look at her with lustful glances or would fall for her . . .

Category: Hijaab

The original color for the Islamic Hijab is black. Other colors are permissible to wear, but should not be considered as fashion. Because then the main aim of the Hijab, being a clothing of modesty, will vanish.

Category: Hijaab

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