Are people who follow faiths like idol worshippers, or Zoroastrians, or non-Ahl-ul-Kitab people’s also included in the scheme of Jizyah?

Do they have the right to be protected by an Islamic state and practise their “religion” even if it is totally contrary to Islam in fundamentals like the oneness of Allah (swt), or is it incumbent upon the rulers to tell them to either accept Islam or Ahl-ul-kitab and if not declare war on them? The idol worshippers and Zoroastrians, or non-Ahl-ul-Kitab are also included in the Jizyah scheme. Yes they do have the right to be protected by the Islamic state and practice their religion – but they would not be allowed to publicise for their religions. Having agreed to pay the Jizyah to the Islamic state, the ruler of the state then may not force them to accept Islam or declare war against them.