Based on a narration in al-Kafi through a Sahih chain which says: rasoolallah (saws) said: “When you find bid’ah (innovation) and doubt/suspicion after me, do baraa’ (disassociation) from them and increase in your insults (sabihim) to them, and oppose (them) and bring evidences against them so they may not become greedy in bringing fasad (corruption) to Islam. You must warn people against them and do not learn their bid’ah (innovation). Allah will write for you hasanaat (good deeds) for this, and will raise your darajaat (levels) in the next life” Al-Kafi, Volume 2, Chapter 159, hadeeth 4. How do we implement such a narration in modern times in the west?

That Hadith is authentic, and it is to be implemented in all circumstances except in a condition that will lead to death. As the structure of the Hadith is an order from the Prophet (saww) to his nation.