I want to ask you about the gelatine in the sweets, is it Haraam or Halaal.

On the matter of the gelatine, if it is stated that the gelatine is extracted from animal then it is Haraam, (unless of course the gelatine has been manufactured in an Islamic country or it has been produced from animals which have been slaughtered according to the Islamic Shari’ah). If the gelatine is extracted from vegetable products then it is Halaal. It is important for you to know or to check in the country of your residence what is the norm when only gelatine is stated on the wrappings of a product. For example in the U.K. when gelatine is stated on the wrapping of a product, it is normally understood to be animal gelatine. Although recently manufacturers are being more particular in the information they provide and they state whether the gelatine is from animal or vegetable sources. There are also other terms used such as “gelling agent” which is usually taken from vegetable sources, unless otherwise stated. For example, pectin is a gelling agent that is taken from vegetable sources.