Some say that Mut’a should be used as a very last resort, and some say otherwise. You hear people say “I can’t get married now, I have to finish my studies…I will do Mut’a” is that correct? Is that a valid excuse or is it invented? I would like to know “when is it ok to use Mut’a and who is it for, what is the basis of Mut’a?” As I have heard some hadith about Imam al-Baqir (AS), (if I am correct) saying to one of his companions “Mut’a is not for you”

Like any other halal issue, Mut’a is Halal and a man is permitted to marry Mut’a, and under certain circumstances it may even prove obligatory upon the individual, i.e. when he cannot marry permenantly and to avoid committing a haram act. The Mut’a marriage is not meant as a substitute for permanent marriage, so one should attempt to marry permanently and form a family etc. as soon as possible. However if under certain circumstances permanent marriage is not feasible, one may then consider the option of Mut’a if needed. Needless to say, it does not mean a married man cannot marry Mut’a. There may be circumstances when a married man may be obliged to do Mut’a, for example being away from his wife for sometime. As for the speech of the Imam (AS) to one of his followers, in fact the imam (AS) is making the first point above. The other individual was a married man, and the imam is telling him that you have a wife and therefore you do not need to do Mut’a. That is not to say that Mut’a is haram for a married man, but perhaps there was something peculiar about the circumstances of that man. So the background in that particular case must be taken into account.