Sheikh Dhakeri Meets Yemeni Students in the US

Sheikh Mohammad Taqi Dhakeri, the representative of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in the US state of Maryland met with several Yemeni students studying abroad. During this meeting, the Grand Jurist’s representative highlighted the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen and said: “The Yemeni nation have offered thousands of martyrs to defend their country and they have suffered shortages of all kinds, but by the will of God, the current situation in Yemen will be over by the end of this year.” The Grand Jurist’s representative further elaborated:

“The proud nation of Yemen will make huge leaps in the future and they will turn into a prosperous and powerful country.”

In this meeting, Sheikh Dhakeri asked the Yemeni students to finish their studies and return to their home country, where they can contribute to their society by establishing peaceful coexistence and a culture that is based on dialogue. At the end of this meeting, Sheikh Dhakeri thanked all activists, particularly the Shia Rights Watch and Nonviolence Incorporation for their efforts to voice the oppressed call of the Yemenis on an international stage. He further requested the politicians to put aside their differences and stop their futile disputes at the cost of the lives of innocent Yemenis.