Imam Shirazi Foundation Discusses Islam and Democracy in a Conference

Imam Shirazi Foundation, dependent to the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Karbala, hosted a panel of legal experts, academics, researchers, Islamic scholars, and members of the press to discuss the correlation between Islam and democracy. Ali Jarrah, the director of this Center explained:

“The correlation between Islam and democracy, as viewed by a considerable group of people, could be described as contradictory or at least inconsistent.”

He further said: “This conference tries delve deep into the nature of these two notions and depict a political system that conforms to the merits of Islam and the qualities of modern political life.” Mr. Jarrah then hinted: “Democracy has been one of the major debated topics in the Muslim world, and in fact, it has proven to be a dividing line between two sets of Islamic beliefs. However, it should never be overlooked that democracy has also been used as a tool to justify the interests of certain groups in Islamic countries.”