Shia Rights Watch Worried over Conditions of Afghan Shia Hajj Pilgrims

Shia Rights Watch released a statement to criticize Afghan authorities for their lack of attention to Afghan Shia pilgrims during this year’s hajj pilgrimage. Parts of the statement reads:

“Shia Rights Watch demands the hajj organization of Afghanistan to revisit its duties with respect to helping Afghan Shia pilgrims in this year’s hajj pilgrimage, especially after the current problems created for them. According to reports, hundreds of Afghan Shia pilgrims could not receive services such as residence during the hajj pilgrimage. In addition, many Afghan pilgrims were refused to eat at designated places on the seventh and eighth days of the pilgrimage. Therefore, Shia Rights Watch insists that the hajj organization of Afghanistan must take full responsibility for its failure to support these pilgrims and prevent such mistakes in the future.”