Activities by Shia Societies Association in Iraq

Shia Societies Association, dependent to Imam Shirazi Foundation in holy Karbala held series of meetings with religious and cultural figures in this City. In recent days, the members of this Association met with Riyadh Nemah, the head of Rituals Department of Iraq, as well as Sheikh Hussein Amiri, the director of Sheikh Mufeed Seminary and Ali Kamouneh, UN mission to holy Karbala. These meetings were focused on facilitations for pilgrims coming to Iraq in the coming two months. Furthermore, the members of Shia Societies Association visited several Iraqi religious communities and conveyed the instructions and guidelines of the Grand Jurist. It is worth noting that this Association also met with the Iraqi tribal chiefs in Furat Awsat district, and discussed various topics with them. Meetings with officials of Imam Reda charitable foundation in holy Najaf was also another part of the programs by Shia Societies Association.