Imam Shirazi World Foundation Calls for Aid and Reconstruction Projects in Syria

With new waves of Syrian refugees returning to their home country, Imam Shirazi World Foundation released a statement to call for aid and reconstruction projects in Syria. Here comes this statement:

“In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Holy Quran reads: “Give money for the cause of God but do not push yourselves into perdition. Do good; God loves the people who do good deeds.” [Chapter 2: Verse 195]

After years of destructive wars and conflicts, many Syrian refugees have started a journey back to their homelands in the hopes of starting their lives in stability and security. Imam Shirazi World Foundation calls on all Syrian authorities to openly accept these Syrian nationals who were forced out their homes during the bloody civil wars and provide them with security and assistance so that they can plant the seeds of life in this country once again.

The ISWF insists that the Syrian government should provide jobs and equal social opportunities for all the Syrian expatriates who have now returned to their home country; considering the fact that most of these expatriates have lost their homes and properties during the years of war in the country.

Imam Shirazi Foundation believes that it is really dangerous to politicize the return of the Syrian refugees to their country. On the other hand, the return of these refugees is a spark of hope, which should be protected by all government officials and the international community.

At the end of this statement, Imam Shirazi World Foundation called for aid and assistance programs to help reconstruct the country and prepare grounds for all Syrian refugees to return to their home country.”