Delegations of AhlulBayt Center Visit Religious Centers in Basra Iraq  

Some delegations and managers of AhlulBayt Center, dependent to the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi in Basra visited different religious centers in this City, during the first ten days of the month of Muharram. During these visits, these delegations met with Sheikh Mohammad Falak, a representative of Islamic jurists and Mohammad Abdulwahab Almulla, the head of Sunni Endowment Office in this City. Furthermore, the members of AhlulBayt Center visited the Community of Hurr in Basra and met with Sayed Jasim Towirjawi. It is worth noting that the Religious Center of Fatima Zahra and the Mallaak Mosque, as well as several other service units in Basra hosted these delegations.