Nonviolence Incorporation Praises Release of Prisoners by Houthis in Yemen

Yemeni Houthis announced the unconditional release of hundreds of war prisoners, including some Saudi nationals, days after the Yemeni group captured thousands of coalition troops. Nonviolence Incorporation lauds the humanitarian gesture by the Houthis and considered as a first step to putting an end to the destructive war on Yemen.

The Nonviolence further called on all parties of the conflict to continue relieving tensions and tread on the path of peace and reconciliation. We strongly believe that the move by the Yemeni Houthis is an important positive step to the reduction of tensions in this humanitarian catastrophe.

Nonviolence Incorporation also calls on the international community to join this process and help stop the destruction and life casualties of the futile conflict. The peace process of the conflict in Yemen should be taken as the only solution by all parties of the conflict and all international and regional actors.