Shia Societies Association Enter Nasr City in Iraq

Members of Shia Societies Association, dependent to Imam Shirazi World Foundation continue to visit service units and Mawakib in Nasr City in Iraq. During these visits, the members of this association conveyed the respects and instructions of the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi and oversaw the services provided to pilgrims.

Here are some of the Mawakib visited by Shia Societies Association: Aqila Zainab Mawkib, Hamel Leva Hussein, Abul Fazl Abbas, Servants of Aqila, Safir al-Hussein, and Qamar Bani Hashem. Meetings with poets and eulogizers of AhlulBayt in Nasr City as well as firefighters and the law enforcement were other activities by Shia Societies Association.