Freemuslim Organization Publishes Statement on World Science Day for Peace and Development

Coinciding with the World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10, Freemuslim organization published a statement that reads that follows:

“This day emphasizes the fact that the humanity’s scientific advancements must serve universal peace and development as well as prosperity, progress and the promotion of the life standards of all people across the world. Science must be viewed as a tool to ensure a peaceful life with dignity and honor, not a means to create terror and violence through nuclear, biological or chemical weaponries. History tells us that science, in the right hands, can ensure prosperity and peace and in the wrong hands, can guarantee bloodshed and the extinction of life. Coinciding with November 10 which is marked as the World Science Day for Peace and Development, Freemuslim calls on all political and humanitarian organizations to address the topic of science at the service of universal peace and devise strategies to help realize this slogan. In this regard, the promotion of liberty, security, stability and multidimensional progress is of paramount importance.