Memorials of Imam Sajjad’s Martyrdom Around the World

On the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Sajjad (Peace be upon him), some institutions, Islamic centers, husayniyahs, and offices affiliated to the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in different parts of the world held commemorations to honor the memory of this holy Imam.

These commemorations were attended by the Shia and lovers of AhlulBayt.

Here are some of the Islamic centers to host these memorials:

• Qasrul-Zahra husayniyah in holy Kadhimiyah, Iraq
• Rasul Adham Cultural and Charitable Institute in holy Kadhimiyah, Iraq
• Omm-Al-Baneen Institute in Al-Ammarah City, Iraq
• Rasul Adham Mawkib in holy Kadhimiyah, Iraq
• Imam Hussein Institute in Istanbul, Turkey 
• Baitul-Hussein husayniyah in Melbourne, Australia
• Ale Yaseen husayniyah in Sydney, Australia