Nonviolence Incorporation Publishes Statement on International Day for Tolerance

On November 16, coinciding with the International Day for Tolerance, Freemuslim Association published a statement that reads as follows:

“Tolerance and social justice are important factors to ensure the stability and security of nations, which in turn pave the way to the prosperity and progress of countries. In other words, tolerance is key to peace, reconciliation and human rights and it protects societies against violence, extremism and oppression. In view of the importance of the principle of tolerance, the United Nations Organization celebrates November 16 as the International Day for Tolerance to highlight human rights, lasting peace and nonviolence around the world. Nonviolence Incorporation believes that tolerance is the lost gem in countries where suppression and dictatorship have undermined human rights and freedoms. Nonviolence also called on all Arab and Muslim leaders to focus their efforts on upholding tolerance and lenience so as to allow for their people to experience prosperity, progress and peace.”