Nonviolence Incorporation Condemns Violation of Muslims’ Rights in Ethiopia

Following brutal crackdowns and discriminatory behaviors against Muslim communities in Ethiopia, Nonviolence Incorporation released a statement that reads as follows:

“Nonviolence Incorporation has received distressing reports of the recent crackdowns against Muslims in Ethiopia. Hereby, we call on the Ethiopian government to restrain all elements that plant the seeds of division among followers of different religions and threaten security and stability in this country. It has been reported that several Muslim mosques in Ethiopia have been set on fire, giving rise to hate crimes in this country and inflicting damages to the Muslims’ properties. This organization believes that the Ethiopian government is responsible to protect the lives and properties of all its citizens, regardless of their ethnical backgrounds or religious beliefs and practices. The Ethiopian government should protect the ancient and peaceful relations between Muslims and Christians; it is needless to mention that any action to encourage division is a threat to the solidarity of nations.”