Shias from Kuwait Meet Grand Ayatollah Shirazi

Recently a group of Shias from country Kuwait visited the house of Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Qom and met his eminence in person, and listened to a number of advices. In this meeting the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi stated:

“Imam Ali enlivens hope in all human beings by saying, ‘the bitterness of this world is the sweetness of the hereafter.’ But then, the holy Imam also issues a warning and says, ‘the sweetness of this world is the bitterness of the hereafter.’ These two sentences are enough hints for everyone to not let hardships push them towards sins and misdeeds. At the end of his remarks, the Grand Jurist said: My advice to you is to take care of the youths. You should work hard and try to make the youths familiar with the culture of AhlulBayt (peace be upon them). In this time and age, many organizations are working around the clock to spread corruptions and immorality among the younger generations. You all have the responsibility to guide the youths to the right path. Don’t get cold feet if you were let down, and remember that even some companions of the holy Prophet didn’t listen to his holiness.”