AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center Holds Seminar in Baghdad Iraq

A group of young Iraqis took part in a seminar held by AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center in Baghdad, the Capital of Iraq. This seminar was held under the name of “The Youth and the threat of corrupt cults”. Mr. Ali Sarrai, the head of AhlulBayt Center elaborated on the looming threats of cults and ideologies that try to cripple the youth power in Iraq. He further hinted that the youth, as the main driving force of any society, need to equip themselves with knowledge and learning, so as to repel such serious threats. He also said: “In recent years, we have witnessed a huge propaganda that encourages the youth to openly violate the laws of Islam and disparage the image of our society. Therefore, there is urgent need to take action right away.” It is worth noting that AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center aims at protecting the youth against anti-Islamic propaganda through public education and various cultural programs. AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center is affiliated to the Office of Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi.