Memorials of Lady Ruqayyah, the Daughter of Imam Hussain in Canada and Denmark

On the martyrdom anniversary of Lady Roqayyah, the three-year-old daughter of Imam Hussain peace be upon her, there were memorials held in different parts of the world including Canada and Denmark.

In Canada, these memorials were attended by some Shias and lovers of AhlulBayt. Sheikh Saleh Sibweih, the director of Imam Shirazi Center in Montreal delivered a speech at this event.

Furthermore, Imam Sadiq Center in Copenhagen, the Danish Capital was holding memorials of Lady Roqayyah on her tragic martyrdom anniversary. Passions shows and recitation of eulogies were parts of the programs at these memorials.


Memorials of Lady Ruqayyah in Canada 


Memorials of Lady Ruqayyah in Denmark