Nonviolence Inc. Urges Security Council at UN to Break Siege of Yemen

Nonviolence Incorporation expressed its serious concerns over the poor life conditions of Yemeni people and released a statement that reads as follows:

“According to statements and documents received by the official bodies and legal entities with regards to the blockade of Yemen, more than 8 million Yemeni people will be on the verge of starvation and death if this blockade continues to exist after 3 years of war in this country.”

It should be noted that coalition forces, spearheaded by Saudi Arabia have time and again imposed blockades on Yemen’s ports and harbors, making it hard for food and medicine to reach out to people of Yemen.

Therefore, the Nonviolence Incorporation demands the Security Council to stop the ongoing wars in Yemen and perform its moral and legal responsibility to send in food and medicine and help out the deprived nation of Yemen.

This organization further emphasized that western countries are responsible for what is happening in Yemen, because many of these countries have made big arms deals with Saudi Arabia. The arms sales have consequently intensified the flames of war in Yemen.