Nonviolence Incorporation Requests UK Government to Stop Sending Arms to Suppressive Regimes

Nonviolence Incorporation, affiliated with Imam Shirazi World Foundation, published a statement and called on the UK government to stop selling Arms to countries, where innocent civilians are being suppressed. Parts of the statement reads as follows:

“Nonviolence Incorporation (FreeMuslim) requests the UK government to stop shipping guns and weapons to suppressive regimes that use these weaponries against their own people. Such measures are undoubtedly in opposition to all international regulations and human rights convention.

Multiple reports and documents show that the UK government allowed weapons and ammunition, including smoke bombs, tear gas canisters, plastic bullets and other items, to be shipped to 20 countries where the regimes in power suppressed peaceful protesters.

Therefore, Nonviolence Incorporation (FreeMuslim) calls on the United Kingdom to reconsider its behavior, which is contrary to the principles of democracy and human rights. The British government is aware that these weaponries are used to kill many civilians and peaceful dissidents.

At the same time, the Nonviolence calls on humanitarian and legal organizations to condemn this action and behavior by the British government and to try to put pressure on this government to stop this process.