Al-Mostaqbal Center Discusses Iraq’s Lack of Strategic Planning

Al-Mostaqbal Center for Strategic Studies, affiliated with the Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Holy Karbala, hosted a panel of experts, including Dr. Qahtan Hossein Lawandi, a professor at Babylon University, who criticized the Iraqi government for its lack of a strategic plan. It is worth noting that this panel discussion was held in the format of a video conference. In a writing presented to this panel, Dr. Lawandi stated: “There is no doubt that strategic planning is absent in the Iraqi government. Long-term and strategic planning is essential to use all resources of a country in improving the political, economic and security arenas.” It should be noted that strategic planning points at the goals that human societies strive to achieve through well-established and scientific programs, with foresight and over time. In other words, strategic planning is a long-term plan that considers internal and external variables and identifies target areas. Therefore, it can be said that strategic planning is to determine the basic goals in specific fields and areas.