Grand Ayatollah Shirazi Representative Meets Tribal and Governmental Figures in Baghdad

Sheikh Maisum Al-Akaeshi, one of the representatives of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in holy Najaf continues its meetings with tribal, security and governmental figures in Baghdad. In recent days, the Grand Jurist’s representative met with Adnan Darjal, Minister of Sports and Youth, Nayef al-Shammari, Deputy Chairman of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, and Major General Zuhair al-Khafaji, Head of Traffic Police Department. In all these meetings, discussions were focused on expanding and improving sports facilities for the youth and plans to serve the pilgrims of the Arbaeen pilgrimage. The representative of the Grand Jurist met with Colonel Kadhim Al-Akili, Director of Civil Defense Department and members of the Al-Shimmar Tribal Community and conveyed the prayers and instructions of the Grand Jurist to them.