Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation Delegation Meets the Mayor of Hendia City

Delegation from Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation, which is headquartered in the holy city of Karbala, met with Dr.Montadar Al-Shafeei, the Mayor of Al-Hendia City, in the province of Holy Karbala. In this meeting, Misbah Al-Hussein Foundation Delegation, briefed the Mayor of Al-Hendia, about their new initiative, to support orphan families all across the country. At the end, Dr. Shafeei announced his full support for this initiative and he praised the work of this Institution. It is worth noting that Dr.Majed Al-Masoodi, the Director of the Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights in Karbala Province and Mr. Kadhem Al-Shaabi, a famous Iraqi poet had already announced their support for this national-humanitarian project.