Members of AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center Visit National Quranic Center

The director and some members of AhlulBayt Islamic Thought Center, affiliated to the Office of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi in Baghdad took part in a seminar hosted at National Quranic Center, a branch of the Shia Endowment Office of Iraq. This seminar was held under the title of “Holy Quran and Husseini Lectures”, at the holy shrine of Imam Kadhim (peace be upon him). Dr. Rafe Al-Ameri, the director of National Quranic Center was the first speaker of the event, and he warned of the heavy propaganda against the young Muslims. He also stated that the youth need full attention of all cultural and religious organizations, and they need to be familiarized with the Quranic teachings and its various sciences. He further added: “Our prime goal at this center is to create a Quranic movement, in which all members of the community are attracted to the holy Quran. We believe that the Hosseini pulpits are great places to promote the Quranic culture among the younger generations in our country.” This seminar was also attended by several other representatives of the Islamic jurists.