Nonviolence Inc. Condemns Forced Cremation of Muslim Victims of Covid in Sri Lanka

Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) published a statement to denounce the Sri Lankan government for its forced cremation policies concerning the Covid-19 victims. It is worth noting that many Muslim and Christian families have voiced their anger over cremation of their deceased family members, in violation of their religious beliefs. Parts of the statement read as follows:

In view of the open statements by many prestigious scientists and research centers, the burning of bodies of the Covid-19 victims is deemed unnecessary. Therefore, we request the Sri Lankan authorities to respect the beliefs and feelings of their Muslim citizens and stop the forced cremation of Covid victims.

It should be noted that the Sri Lankan health ministry had issued series of guidelines on March 25th, leaving the two options of cremation and burial for Covid-19 victims; however, the Sri Lankan government autonomously chose to revoke the option of burial for all Covid victims in this country. It is worth noting that the burial rites observed by Muslims are in total compliance of health instructions by World Health Organization.

Nonviolence Incorporation believes that the forced cremation policies by the government of Sri Lanka is total disregard for the feelings of its Muslim and Christian minorities, and therefore, not only it violates the Sri Lankan constitution but also it undermines the rights for freedom of religious beliefs.