Nonviolence Incorporation Issues Statement on International Anti-Corruption Day

Coinciding with the International Anti-Corruption Day on December 12, Nonviolence Incorporation issued a public statement, calling for international determination to fight corruption. Here is the statement:

Almighty God says in holy Quran:

“Do what is right and do not follow the path of the corrupt doers.”

Corruption manifests itself as a big barrier to human development, growth and prosperity and it bars humanity from its everlasting struggle to eliminate social, economic and political problems and achieve stability and security. Beyond that, this ominous phenomenon has caused so much suffering and hardship in many human societies, which is manifested in various forms such as tyranny, repression, lowering of living standards, war and other disorders that have occurred in recent decades.

World Anti-Corruption Day on 12th of December has been designated by the United Nations to commemorate the scale of the human tragedy and to address and control corruption in all its forms.

On this note, and in order to show its absolute and unconditional solidarity with this important day, the Nonviolence Incorporation (FreeMuslim) declares that it has fought against corruption under disguises through its targeted cultural and humanitarian works. This foundation also emphasizes the important role of governments and human rights organizations, in the use of their power to stand up to corruption through the legal and cultural programs methods.

Thus, Nonviolence Incorporation (FreeMuslim) calls on all governments and world leaders to join hands and fight corruption and corrupt regimes, especially those in the developed world, by simply not misusing human rights as a tool to bargain their financial trades.