Imam Shirazi World Foundation Publishes Statement on Human Rights Day

Coinciding with Human Rights Day on December 10, Imam Shirazi World Foundation (ISWF) published a statement that reads as follows:

Some 70 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly designated December 10 as the Human Rights Day. This day celebrates the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights Charter, which is considered to be an important milestone in the world order, ever since.

According to the resolutions by the UN, on such a day, all human beings should have equal rights, regardless of their color, race, gender, religion, language, political views, social status, wealth and birthplace. It is worth mentioning that this document has been widely translated in more than five hundred different languages.

However, it should be noted that 1400 years before the publication of this document, a comprehensive set of laws and practical instructions on human rights was presented to Muslims by the Messenger of God, Prophet Mohammad and his pure Household, peace be upon them.

For example, Imam Sajjad, Ali ibn al-Husayn (Blessings of God be upon him) who was a member of the Prophet’s Household left a precious and weighty work, called “The Treatise of Rights” which is the deepest written document with respect to human rights from the perspective of Islam. The advantage of the precious document “The Treatise of Rights” is that it refers to the essential human rights, which are overlooked in the universal human rights charters.

In other words, Imam Sajjad (peace be upon him) has mentioned more than fifty rights for human beings, while, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains only 29 articles.