Shia Societies Association Hosts Dignitaries from Iraq

The Shia Societies Association, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi hosted various groups of Iraqi tribesmen, members of the clergy, cultural activists and public groups of people from Iraq in the past few days.

These Iraqi visitors were welcomed by this association on their arrival to the holy City of Qom, during a pilgrimage trip to the shrine of Lady Fatima Masoumeh, peace be upon her.

Sheikh Kamal Maash, the director of the institute to publish the works of the late Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Reza Shirazi from holy Karbala, a group of tribal chiefs from Kifl City in Iraq, Sheikh Hussain Mash’al, a religious speaker from Baghdad, Ahmed Awfi Al-Saedi, the head of Imam Sadiq Cultural and Charitable Center in Baghdad, Mulla Abdul Rahman Naseeri, a eulogist of AhlulBayt from Baghdad, as well as members of religious societies from the cities of Kifl, Hillah and Basra were among these visitors.