Al-Furat Center Discusses Combating Administrative Corruption in Iraq

The Al-Furat Center for Strategic Studies in Karbala hosted a panel of legal experts, academics, and media activists to discuss the topic of “The 2018 Iraqi administration and the double-standards in fighting corruption and terrorism.”

Dr. Hussain Ahmed Al-Sarhan, a researcher at Al-Furat Center was one of the key speakers at this panel, who said:

“There are two variables to attend to: First, it is the circumstances, and second one is the nature of the current administration of Iraq.” He then added: “We require to address these two variables with precision and dedication.”

Mr. Al-Sarhan further said:

“The current administration plans to chart and pursue these two goals, so we believe that without the success and victory against corruption and terrorism, the current administration will not be able to complete the institutional structure of the country. Now, if the Iraqi administration takes the same approach to corruption and terrorism that the previous administrations had taken, there will be four years of sufferings and problems that will cause nothing but deprivation and backwardness.”

Sheikh Morteza Maash, the director of Annaba Conferences also said:

“The question of corruption is more philosophical rather than political or economic. On the other hand, the issue of terrorism is more likely to be a kind of proxy war. Terrorism, for the most part, is the result of clashes among conflicting parties and coalitions. As it is said by Aristotle, absolute power corrupts absolutely; and so we can find out about the roots of terrorism in autocratic regimes.”