Head of Imam Hussein TV Hosts Iraqi General in Holy Karbala

Sheikh Mostafa Mohammadi, the director of Imam Hussein Media Group hosted Haidar Razi Khazali, the general of Al-Saraya, 3rd battalion at Imam Hussein TV headquarters in holy Karbala. In this meeting, Sheikh Mohammadi discussed more tightened security measures to prevent future attacks by Daesh terrorists in different parts of Iraq. Furthermore, the role of the media in countering anti-Islamic thoughts was highlighted. He also appreciated the efforts of all security forces in protecting the lives of Iraqi civilians. Later on, the director of Imam Hussein TV reiterated some instructions of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi with respect to uniting the ranks of all Shia Muslims. Mr. Khazali also underscored the need to strengthening the ties between security personnel and Islamic seminaries. In the end, he offered his full support for the Orphans Support Program.