Imam Shirazi World Foundation Issues Statement on Arrival of Holy Ramadan

On the threshold of the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, Imam Shirazi World Foundation issued a public statement. Here comes this statement:

Now that the holy Ramadan, the month of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness has arrived, it is worthy that the rulers, monarchs and leaders in the Muslim Ummah honor the virtues of this month, and have a share of the great rewards that the merciful God has bestowed on His good and benevolent servants and has shielded them against the fire of Hell and its torment.

The arrival of this glorious month with divine mercy, convinced this foundation to ask the leaders of the Muslim Ummah to behave with mercy, tenderness and compassion in their interaction with their nations; even in case of people who have opposed the rule of law and have committed a forgivable and negligible crime. In the meantime, those who have been arrested for commenting and making statements that violate the laws of the country also deserve to be pardoned. It is reminded that releasing these people is one of the best deeds that bring us closer to God Almighty.

In order to pay special and comprehensive attention to the daily affairs of the nation and financial and economic assistance to the needy, poor and helpless people of the Islamic Ummah, how good and desirable it is for rich governments to help the nations suffering from poverty and deprivation.

Imam Shirazi World Foundation also calls on the Islamic governments to take the lead in this virtuous month and to be at peace with their nations and to interact with them in good faith. We hope that this month will see a good and positive outcome for the current political conflicts and disputes through the acceptance of opponents and the acceptance of a constructive discourse to resolve objections and disputes.