Book by Ayatollah Mohammad Redha Shirazi Available on Amazon

The ebook edition of the precious book “Al-Zahra”, written by late Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Redha Shirazi is now available on amazon. The enthusiasts can download this book for free during the holy month of Ramadan. This book contains three lectures by the late Ayatollah Mohammad Redha Shirazi, in which his eminence elaborated on the exceptional character of Lady Fatima Zahra back in 1423 AH.

Other topics included in this book are: the divine status of Lady Fatima Zahra (blessings of God be upon her), a modern image of Lady Fatima and the reason for the emergence of materialist interpretations of Islam, political and social stances of Lady Fatima (blessings of God be upon her) a study on the self-proclaimed Islamic regimes, role of Lady Fatima in exposing oppressive regimes, West’s drastic need for moral and spiritual examples, and etc.