Imam Shirazi World Foundation Calls for Unity in Iraq’s Political Scenery

Imam Shirazi World Foundation published a letter, in which it invited all political parties in Iraq to concentrate on unity and avoid further conflicts and tensions. In one part of the letter by this foundation, we read: “It is harsh to witness the escalation of media challenges between Sunni and Shia political forces, especially in a period, when all Iraqis fought terrorism alongside each other. This war is still underway, because of the political rivalries and lack of unity, inflicting more and more damages and casualties to the nation of Iraq.”

The letter further reads:

“Therefore, we urge all political activists in Iraq to refrain from fanning political disputes on media platforms such as TV and radio, and resolve their disputes in private meetings and conventions. This is meant to serve the unity of the nation, which is critically threatened in the face of crises it faces. The negotiation table, away from any media coverage, is the best solution to preserve the unity of Iraq and resolve longtime political disputes.”

At the end of this letter, Imam Shirazi World Foundation stated:

“Due to the critical situation of Iraq and the region, all parties should behave responsibly and set national interests in a higher priority than their party interests.”