Imam Shirazi World Foundation Encourages Large Participation by Moroccans in the Upcoming Election

Imam Shirazi World Foundation published a statement to encourage the Moroccans to participate in the upcoming elections in this country. Parts of this statement read as follows:

Morocco will hold parliamentary and council elections on September 8, and the government will be elected for the next five years. Therefore, the Moroccan nation should actively participate in moving the country and institutionalizing the foundation of democracy in the country. With this aim and purpose, Imam Shirazi World Foundation wants all groups of the Moroccan society to participate in the upcoming elections to select the right people to serve the country and the people. In this sense, it should be noted that participation in elections will undoubtedly be effective in promoting social stability, economic prosperity and the protection of human rights in general. This foundation hopes that the democratic conditions for the elections will be comprehensive and that it will have a transparent, fair and healthy atmosphere. Therefore, legal institutions are asked to monitor the integrity of the elections. A large turnout in the upcoming elections will result in the attainment of a favorable result.