Nonviolence Incorporation Condemns Brutal Crackdowns in Baghdad Iraq

Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) published a public statement to condemn the brutal crackdowns in recent days in Baghdad, Iraq. Parts of this statement reads as follows:

Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) strongly condemned the brutal and bloody crackdown by Iraqi security forces on Iraqi protesters in Baghdad and is deeply concerned about the growing number of people who were injured. In this crackdown, security forces used live ammunition against the protestors to the recent parliamentary elections. The bloody clash between security forces and protesters left at least four people dead and more than 123 injured. Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim Association) condemns the actions of individuals who have entered the protests with the aim of creating sedition and insecurity and clashing with security forces; Nonviolence Incorporation also holds the Iraqi government accountable for the violence in these protests, and calls for tolerance. At the same time, this foundation stressed the need for the protesters and security forces to show restraint and not let peaceful protestors turn violent.