Freemuslim Publishes Statement on International Day for Tolerance

On the occasion of the International Day for Tolerance, Freemuslim (Nonviolence Incorporation) published a statement, here is the statement:

Tolerance has for long been a pivotal matter to all human societies. Tolerance finds its place in all aspects of human life, and nations that have honored this moral principle have achieved success, security and prosperity. It should not be overlooked that for centuries destructive and bloody strife was caused by lack of tolerance and respect for opposing ideas. Therefore, Nonviolence Incorporation (Freemuslim association) celebrates the International Day for Tolerance on this occasion and invites all world leaders and governments, particularly the Muslim and Arab leaders, to honor the principle of tolerance and release the prisoners of conscience in their countries. In the end, Nonviolence Incorporation encourages all world leaders to let go of religious and political biases and honor the diversity of ideas and beliefs in their countries.