Imam Shirazi Center Holds Conference in Holy Karbala, Iraq

Imam Shirazi Center for Strategic Studies in holy Karbala held a conference under the title of “Council; the cure to social ailments”, which comes from an article written by Mr. Basim Al-Zaidi. This conference hosted some clerics, directors of research centers and academics.

Mr. Zaidi, in an interview said:

“Islam offers solutions to all aspects human social and individual life, in all ages and times. The notion of a council-based leadership is one of these solutions which has been stressed for time and again by the late scholar, Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Shirazi in his book, called Shawra. In this book, this scholar says: It must be taken into account that Islamic progressive laws came into existence at a time when mankind was unfamiliar with any modern social system.” In other words, Islam defied dictatorship and tyranny by suggesting a system of leadership based on counsel and consultation.”

Mr. Al-Zaidi then referenced to Quran and said:

“We read in verse 38 of Chapter Shawra: “conduct affairs with consultation,”

Also, Quran in chapter Ale Emran, verse 159, we read:  “consult with them in affairs.

The idea of consultation, whether in theoretical or practical terms, fights dictatorship and tyranny in all forms. If we can adopt consultation into our policy makings, we will be able to secure the interests of the public by collective decision-makings.”