Many Iraqi Mowa’keb come walking to the house of the Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Al-Shirazi in Qom

Many Iraqi Mowa’keb have come walking from Iraq to the Holy City of Qom. When they arrived they visited the house of his eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Al-Shirazi in the holy city of Qom. Many came visited from Iraq, and they came walking. They arrived in the forth week of Jumadi Al-Thani 1439. When they arrived they were blessed by his eminence and they provided their stories of the walk and the current state of Iraq. They passed on information and the state of the holy cities of Karbala, Najaf Kadhimiya etc.. And his eminence also discussed with them and sat down with all of them. Opening his arms and welcoming them in his home, he was pleased to see these Mowa’keb which included people of all ages, from youth all the way up to elders.