International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women

Nonviolence Incorporation, dependent to Grand Ayatollah Shirazi released a statement to advocate a united will to support the rights of women, which are endorsed by international conventions and religious scriptures, coinciding with February 6th, the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women.

In this statement, we read:

“Reports have shown that the women in Arab and middle eastern countries have gone through so much afflictions and problems; with the rise of ISIS and other extremist groups, thousands of women in the middle east have been tortured and taken as slaves. Even sadder is that the rights of women have been constantly starkly undermined by tyrannical and anti-democracy regimes in the region. So from a humanitarian perspective, the Nonviolence Incorporation demands the International Community to prepare grounds for cultural and social growth of women across the world. With an international will and resolution to legalize the protection of the rights of women, we can envision the prospects of equal and well-deserving opportunities to all women.”