Anwar Al-Jawad Institue Participates in Seminar on Languages Challenges

Anwar Al-Jawad Institute, affiliated to the office of the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi took part in a seminar on languages challenges in the Iraqi Capital Baghdad on 24 Jumadi Al-Thani 1439 / March 13 2018. This seminar included many people including some school principles and teachers. Sheikh Ali Al-Sami, the director of Anwar Al-Jawad Institute pointed to the significance of learning and science and learning and the role of a great teacher, pointing out that the teacher is a messenger to transfer science and education.

“The role of teacher, thinker and guide is not only to guide people to what they should do, but to convince them of the importance of this and convince them of the danger of leaving it and the danger of abandoning it. My uncle concluded his speech by offering congratulations and congratulations to the educational and educational staff on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.”