Statement by Imam Shirazi World Foundation on World Radio Day

On thirteenth of February 2019, coinciding with the World Radio Day, Imam Shirazi World Foundation released a statement to emphasize the role of media outlets and platforms:

“As the social media platforms have brought together and unified the minds of people from around the world, the radio platform still continues to hold its positive role to contribute to the constructive dialogues for reformation. Radio makes it possible for us to listen to the masses of people without any prejudice and bias. Considering all of these, the late Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Shirazi had always been emphatic about the role of media in creating and boosting peaceful coexistence, national security and culture among all nations, especially in the Middle East.

The legacies of the late Grand Jurist have turned into many media corporations over the past decades that each of them work hard to internalize democracy, social culture, and human rights. The Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi has also continued the same fashion of support for all sorts of media platforms, as a means to directly or indirectly save nations from repression, dictatorship and the suppression of individual and communal freedoms, particularly in the Middle East. Imam Shirazi World Foundation demands the International Community and Human Rights Foundations to add to their support of the free media and try to avoid biased discourse and improve dialogue on all sides instead. This foundation also emphasizes that the importance of media is nothing less than the importance of education, sanitation, and security, because media as an instrument to transmit the messages of humanity can be highly crucial.”