Sayed Hussain Shirazi Delivers Speech Among Activists from Isfahan

Over the past few days, a group of female preachers from Isfahan City visited the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi and his respected son, Sayed Hussain Shirazi in holy Qom, Iran. In this visit, Sayed Hussain Shirazi made a few remarks to these preachers.

The Grand Jurist’s son opened his remarks with verse 4 of Surah Dhariat and stated:

“In this holy verse, Almighty God strongly criticizes any judgment that is based on conjecture or speculation. The reason can be the fact that a person who makes such judgments has ignored the God’s orders.”

Sayed Hussain Shirazi then continued:

“Most of us have founded all our lives on speculations. The holy Quran also mentions this reality more than once. In Surah An’am, verse 116, almighty God has lashed out people for making bad judgments based on speculations.”

He then added:

“One small example in this respect is that some people treat others in a rude and angry manner, just based on the speculation that if they treat people nicely, they will be taken advantage of; this is while that this idea has no roots in our ethical and ideological grounds.”

Sayed Hussain Shirazi ended his remarks, saying:

“God has given us criteria by which we can live our lives. These criteria are the narrations and holy verses of Quran. All along our lives, we have made decisions and judgments based on our personal views. We create rules and criteria based on these personal experiences and views, however, none of this is enough.”