Al-Mostaqbal Center Holds Conference on Combating Corruption in Iraq

Al-Mostaqbal Center for Strategic Studies in holy Karbala hosted a panel of academics, directors of research centers, legal experts, and members of the press to study the policies taken by the Iraqi government to combat corruption in this country.

Mr. Adnan Salehi, the director of Al-Mostaqbal Center was the first speaker of this conference who said: “Corruption in Iraq is the daily concern of the masses. It has polluted Iraqi officials at every level and office and it is a devastating weapon used to kill and defeat the opponent. Corruption has many negative consequences on different aspects of Iraq, the most important of which are the negative developmental trend, and that foreign investors are heavily pressured in Iraq.”

Sheikh Morteza Maash, another member of Annaba Institute also said:

“The general budget of the country is used to pay the salaries of employees and government employees, and this is a big problem that has put the Iraqi government under pressure of demands for change and reformation by the people of Iraq and the international community.”

Therefore, during the coming years, major changes will occur in the country, and as a result, inflation will increase and exacerbate the situation. This inflation and the increasing dissatisfaction among the workforce will lead to uprisings. Therefore, after the end of the war with ISIS, we should fight corruption until our nation can find itself at the threshold of the global financial system.”