Freemuslim Releases Statement on World Press Freedom Day

Coinciding with the World Press Freedom Day on May 3, Freemuslim association released a statement that comes as follows:

The United Nations and many countries around the world celebrate the 3rd of May as the World Press Freedom Day. The naming of this day was an effort to highlight the hard conditions of journalists and other members of the press. Studies and statistics have shown that freedom of press is violated in much of Africa and in the Middle East.”

The rest of the statement reads:

“Tens of journalists face harsh sentences around the world, charged for leaking the truth that hurt the autocratic regimes. The fate of many of these journalists is still in the dark. The international community and human rights foundations are expected to take measures in order to save the lives of these journalists. Freemuslim also calls on all nations to release all journalists and prisoners of conscience and discharge them of their sentences.”