Activities by Sayed Hussain Shirazi in Kuwait

During his trip to Kuwait, Sayed Hussain Shirazi, the son of the Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq Shirazi continues to host public groups of visitors.

In these meetings, several cultural, scientific and religious Kuwaiti figures meet with the Grand Jurist’s son at his meeting hall and discuss various topics. The Jawn Youth Community from Saudi Arabia were one group of visitors who met with Sayed Hussain Shirazi in Kuwait.

Furthermore, Sayed Hussain Shirazi visited cultural and Islamic centers in Kuwait and learned about their activities. In these visits, the Grand Jurist’s son discussed the latest developments of the Muslim world with high profile Shia activists in Kuwait.

Visitations to the meeting hall of Sheikh Mohammad Joma and Khorshid Caravan, as well as participation in the memorial service of Haji Ali Khaja were among other activities of the Grand Jurist’s son in Kuwait.