Activities by Sayed Ahmad Shirazi in Kuwait

Sayed Ahmad Shirazi, the son of Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi continues to meet with distinguished Kuwaiti figures during the holy month of Ramadan.

Over the past few days, Sayed Ahmad Shirazi met with Mirza Kamal Ehqaqi and made visits to Rasul Adham library and Habib bin Madhaher community in Kuwait.

He further visited the meeting halls of Behbahani, haji Ismael Dashti, the al-Shwaf, and the meeting hall of al-Mousavi. All these visits took place during the recent nights of the holy Ramadan and were focused on various cultural, religious and social topics.

It is worth noting that the Grand Jurist’s son also met with Mr. Saleh Ashour, a Kuwaiti parliamentarian and discussed issues with respect to the Shia world. He further visited the al-Saraf meeting hall and met with its officials.

Visitation to Lari meeting hall and meetings with Kuwaiti activists such as Yusuf Kamal and Mr. Ashraf were among other activities of the Grand Jurist’s son.