Activities by Sayed Hussain Shirazi in Kuwait

In his trip to Kuwait during the month of Ramadan, Sayed Hussain Shirazi, the son of Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi took part in the anniversary of Imam Sadiq Mosque terrorist bombing. The service was held to commemorate the Shia worshippers who were martyred during a terrorist bombing at Imam Sadiq Mosque four years ago.

The Grand Jurist’s son also visited the Habib Quran Center and met with its staff members. Meetings with young Kuwaiti activists was also another part of the activities by Sayed Hussain Shirazi.

The Grand Jurist’s son further met with several cultural and religious figures including Sheikh Hani Shaban, a famous Arab speaker in Kuwait. In this meeting, various cultural and religious topics were discussed.

It is worth noting that several meeting halls also hosted the Grand Jurist’s son over the past few days.